Born out of a collaboration between event activators Bar Pop (The Urban Orchard, Perth Craft Beer Festival) and several top brick-and-mortar-players including Mechanics' Institute, The Dominion League, The Court and El Grotto, The Ice Cream Factory played host to Perth's first 'summer micro-festival', set to transform Northbridge. 

Set on the green corner at Roe and Lake Street, the venue in 2017 sprawled from a central outdoor space into the adjoining warehouse, and wind its way upstairs to reveal several custom built rooftop bars and decks. 

Over fourteen nights that started December 1 and finished off with a bang on New Year's Day, attendees were spoilt for choice each weekend in December with activations including the Mr Black 3-Lane-Bowling AlleyThe Red Bull Silent DiscoChandon S Chic Easy Tram, Corona Bucket list Bar, The Uber Eats Food Zone, and The Court's Drag Queen Karaoke Bar. 

Ice Cream Factory will return in December 2018 with details to follow.
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